How many channels are in your server?

There are about 4000+ channels in our server.

How many devices can i use at a time?

1 subscription is 1 device, but can be increased to 5 with multi subscription plan.

What is multi Subscription?

Multi subscription is the option to connect more than 1 device ( Max 5 ) at a time, so you can watch channels simultaneously on each device.

Can i run your streams on my website?

No you can not re stream our IPTV streams.

Do you provide ts/m3u8 links?

Yes, we provide ts/m3u8 links.

How can i use Eternity IPTV on with VLC?

Please refer to vlc tutorial page

Do you support MAG devices?

Yes, we support mag devices. We need mac address of the device to start.

How can i use Eternity IPTV on MAG/STB Emulator devices?

Mag box portal url for Subscriptions



Mag Box Tutorial

Do you provide EPG and PICON source?

EPG Source http://epg.eternity.iptv.uno
Picons URL http://picons.eternity.iptv.uno

What devices do you support?

We support almost all devices, Android, iOS, Mag Devices, Kodi, LG Smart TV, Samsung Smart TV, All STB Emulators, and more.

Why my mag box is showing STB Blocked Please Contact Provider?

If your mag device or STB Emulator showing this error, it means the mac address of the device is not added to our server. This happened when you subscription is expired or blocked by us or you sent us wrong mac address. Please double check the mac address of the device and contact us for help.

Where do i get the m3u file?

If you have paid for a subscription then we send it to your PayPal email address.

Why i am getting stream error?

If you are using IPTV on vlc (PC), please re download fresh m3u file with our provided URL and open with VLC.

How to get a subscription for my devices (mag, smart TV, android box, Roku, others)?

During the ordering process, when you make the payment you will input your device mac ( smart IPTV, Mag Box )
or specify which application that you will be using.

Do you daily update VOD?

VOD is updated almost daily.

Are your streams/channels stable?

Yes our streams are stable.

How reliable is your IPTV Server?

Our servers are best quality servers located in Europe. Our up-time up to date is 99%.

How To Order IPTV Subscription?

To order Eternity IPTV Subscriptions, please checkout our Subscriptions.

How to apply for a trial?

To test our server before making a longer purchase, Please use the Trial Request option, Trials require an email address for it to be activated, It can take up to 6 hours to receive the trial account so please check your email for the mail.

I have paid, what now?

The information about your subscription will be sent to your PayPal email address within 6 Hours ( usually a lot sooner ).


Refunds will ONLY be done before a subscription line is created, It is your responsibility to read FAQs and get all info before you purchase.

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